Enabling Zero Trust Architectures to Protect National Security Systems

TrustedKeep™ provides an easy, scalable solution for implementing Zero Trust data protection across your enterprise—at rest, in transit, and in use—in accordance with executive requirements.

TrustedKeep worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable zero trust security in the cloud. Learn more in the article.

National Security Memo 8 (NSM8) recently directed any agency with National Security Systems to prepare for Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) implementation to protect those systems.

TrustedKeep was purpose-built for high performance, scalable, object-level encryption combined with a strict zero trust mindset to enforce separation of duties across the enterprise. Read our overview of TrustedKeep or watch the video to learn about our unique approach to ZTA.

See TrustedKeep’s Unique Approach to ZTA

Product Features

Scalable Object-Level Encryption

Encrypt every object with a unique key. A single TrustedKMS™ cluster scales to billions of keys under management, and handles thousands of transactions per second.

Strong Access Control and Separation of Duties

End users and authorized systems only have access to the data they’re supposed to see. Your encryption keys never leave the TrustedKeep™ security boundary.

API Compatible With Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3)

TrustedKeep™ acts as a transparent proxy to S3. You can rely on TrustedKeep™ to encrypt each object you store with one or more unique keys, while knowing that your cloud provider does not have access to those object-level keys or your master keys.

Compatible with Amazon’s KMS

For your most sensitive workloads, encrypt your data with TrustedKeep™ and a Customer Managed Key (CMK) from Amazon’s KMS.

Highly Available and Geographically Distributable

TrustedGateway™ is stateless and can scale to your workload, while TrustedKMS™ can be distributed across data centers or AWS regions. All operations are consistent within a datacenter or region, and eventually consistent across datacenter / region boundaries.

Strong Auditing and Monitoring

Every operation is audited, and all audits are exportable to your elastic™ stack. Notifications can be generated on the fly as objects are stored, retrieved, and deleted.

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