Zero Trust Engine

TrustedKeep is designed from the ground up with zero trust architecture to protect the hyper-sensitive data of government agencies.

Protect National Security Systems With Zero Trust Architectures

TrustedKeep provides object-level encryption to protect sensitive data at scale in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments.

Zero Trust at Scale

Zero-trust and hyper-scale from the ground up.

On-Prem Keys for Cloud Data

Manage keys at scale on-premise for data in the cloud.

All-Level Data Access Control

Encryption-based policy decisions for fine-grade access control.

Seamless Integration

Plug and play to level up existing capabilities.

TrustedKeep in Action

When collaboration is critical: Organizations A and B urgently need communication amid a critical event. However, their separate responsibilities and capabilities hinder seamless collaboration. Phone calls and in-person meetings are limited. Complicating matters, Organization A’s data is shielded within its secure network, creating a barrier that prevents swift data sharing with Organization B. Time becomes a precious commodity as the crisis intensifies, and the need for real-time communication becomes paramount. Amidst this urgency, TrustedKeep allows these disparate systems to transcend barriers and effectively communicate during crises.

Protect The Most Sensitive Data

Organizations leverage robust tools like Encryption KMS accredited for ultra-secure use cases to ensure zero trust at every level. Object-level FIPS 140-2 validated encryption; accredited using the strictest requirements under ICD-503.

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Secure With Confidence In The Cloud

TrustedKeep is the only zero-trust provider that enables organizations to encrypt their data in the cloud with keys managed outside the cloud.

Control Access With Confidence

TrustedKeep enables organizations to handle all levels of data access, including unclassified, unencrypted data up to the most sensitive, encrypted data, enforcing the same policies across data sets, whether at rest, in transit, or in use.

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Secure every point of data

Protect your digital assets

Learn how TrustedKeep simplifies and scales Zero Trust data protection implementation throughout your organization, ensuring compliance with executive mandates. Watch as we explore how TrustedKeep™ secures your data at rest, in transit, and use, providing an accessible and comprehensive approach to safeguarding your valuable information.

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