High Assurance

Gain confidence in critical systems with formal methods and deep expertise.

Developing and securing complex and next-generation systems poses significant challenges for customers, especially those operating in defense, intelligence, financial, and other commercial sectors. Ensuring the utmost confidence in critical systems is essential, as any safety or security bug can be unacceptable and have severe consequences. Customers need a solution that offers high-assurance design and analysis powered by leading research in formal methods and deep expertise in critical systems.

Cryptographic protocol design

We’ve developed tailored solutions designed to meet the specific constraints of systems and architectures.

Algorithm implementation review

We apply formal methods and other review methodologies to assess source code and compiled binary executive goals.

Public key infrastructure

We enable expert design and deployment of critical systems’ public key infrastructure.

Custom cryptographic solutions

We use customized solutions scoped precisely to meet customers’ unique needs.

Advanced Assurance Solutions for Critical Systems

Two Six’s High Assurance Solutions team employs cutting-edge techniques to tackle challenges in critical sectors. Using formal methods and expert reviews, we ensure robust design and analysis for complex systems, providing maximum confidence in our customer’s operation.

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Confidence in Complex Systems

Harnessing extensive research in formal methods and deep expertise in critical systems, Two Six offers expert reviews and formal approaches. This guarantees the highest confidence level in critical systems, encompassing reproducibility and coverage. Our specialized team is committed to securing intricate systems, catering to defense, intelligence, finance, and other commercial domains.

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