Media Manipulation Monitor

Our Media Manipulation Monitor (M3) uses signal-rich proprietary data, AI-powered technology, and world-class expertise to decode foreign governments’ efforts to manipulate the narrative — including censorship, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns.

Break Through False Narratives

M3 is a data analytics platform that decodes foreign markets and produces reliably deep insights that uncover the truth, even when others have manipulated the narrative.

Leverage M3 to Gather Key Insights

M3 in Action


Challenging deceptive narratives: In a critical situation where a vulnerable nation faces invasion by a superpower, M3’s powerful technology quickly identifies content manipulation and misinformation patterns revealing the adversarial foreign government’s intention to hide truths from their population. As war approaches, M3 is a trusted source of vital information, aiding officials in strategic decision-making.

Comprehend Your Target Audience

M3’s proprietary algorithms, coupled with human-in-the-loop analysis, evaluates hundreds of thousands of posts on social media platforms daily for signals of manipulation.

M3’s proprietary algorithms data points
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Be Ready For What Lies Ahead

M3 combines the best of machine-learning and subject-matter expertise to provide clear, timely, actionable insights on today’s priorities.

Get Insight Into Foreign Governments’ Online Narratives

We identify content manipulation and misinformation patterns, giving our clients exclusive insights into foreign governments’ policy priorities, public sentiment, and information omission surrounding breaking events.

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PRC threat perception levels and threat points

Gain The Advantage

M3 offers the necessary analytics to comprehend the effectiveness of your missions as well as those of your opponent.

Get dynamic insight into your adversaries

Manipulation Dashboard

M3 provides a dashboard to monitor data manipulation in your sources. It detects censorship, inauthentic content, disinformation, and propaganda in foreign media, statistics, and social media.

Curated Insight

We invested in technology and methods for higher signal, less noise. Curated data, neural network language models for nuance, detecting inauthentic content, and setting baselines for anomaly detection.

Annotated Data

Integrate our annotated data seamlessly into your platform, enabling easy generation of insights and product incorporation. Select relevant data and annotations, paying only for what you need. Our curated data ensures signal quality.

Expert Support

Clients have full access to our data science methods, including analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning tools for solving monitoring manipulation problems. 

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