Decoding Foreign Markets Through Data, Analytics and Insights

US Government and business decision-makers increasingly need to know what is happening in foreign markets— a task that is challenging because foreign governments spend billions of dollars annually to control the information environment.

The Media Manipulation Monitor (M3) uses signal-rich proprietary data, AI-powered technology, and world-class expertise to decode foreign governments’ efforts to manipulate the narrative — including censorship, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns — revealing the intentions, information, and priorities they would rather keep hidden.
So you make the best decisions possible.

M3 Product Features

Manipulation Dashboard

M3 offers a dashboard for monitoring manipulation so that you know if your data sources have been manipulated—when, how, and why. We can detect censorship, inauthentic content, disinformation, and propaganda in foreign governments’ media stories, official statistics, and social media statements.

Curated Insight

We’ve invested in technology and methods that ensure you get more signal and less noise. We curate our data, use neural network language models to understand nuance and discover narratives, automatically detect inauthentic content, and set baselines so that we can conduct anomaly detection.

Annotated Data

Integrate our annotated data directly into your platform—making it easy for you to generate your own insights and incorporate them into your products. You choose the data and annotations most relevant to you and pay only for what you need. Our data is always curated for signal.

Expert Support

Clients have transparent access to our data science methods, like the analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning tools used to solve the problems that come with monitoring manipulation. And we offer a range of support tiers to help clients adapt them. Our team of experts has years of experience in international markets and speaks foreign languages at the native level.

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