Detect, Monitor and Report Radiological Activity

The SIGMA advanced chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection system is a secure, cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization for region-scale networks of personal, mobile, and static CBRN sensors. The product of years of R&D and real-world testing, SIGMA is the industry’s leading self-contained CBRN detection platform, supporting person-carried, vehicle-mounted, and static placements through a real-time monitoring and collaboration platform.

No matter the situation or location, SIGMA is equipped to detect, monitor, and report on CBRN activity in real-time, enhancing public safety by supporting first responders and keeping operations informed. SIGMA can provide a comprehensive coverage footprint for any situation, whether installed in high-traffic centers, temporarily deployed at high-profile events, or sensors carried by mission operators on the ground.

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Sigma Product Features

Interactive command and control
Unobtrusive static sensor installation and small, cellphone sized handheld sensors
Accurate and rapid isotope identification to inform responses
Advanced automated threat detection and isotope identification of sources in seconds
Up and running in minutes and hours, not days or weeks
Third Party Integrations
Personal Detectors
Region scale continuous monitoring and situational awareness
Sensor variety covers any deployment area
Scalable from tens to thousands of sensors
Easy to set up, easy to tear down
Ideal for mission-specific deployments or defending high-profile, onetime events and locations
Command and Control Web UI
Vehicle & Mobile Detectors

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