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CBRN Detection & Analysis

SIGMA is a sensor data aggregation platform designed to detect threats from CBRNE and other critical sensors enabling real-time situational awareness and effective operational response.

Protect Populations at-Risk

SIGMA is a sensor networked integration architecture that quickly detects, identifies, and responds to threats such as CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) attacks.

SIGMA in Action

When every second matters: In the heart of a large city, a police officer patrols a bustling transit stop equipped with a CBRN sensor synced to his smartphone. Suddenly, an alert blares through their device as a young man approaches, donning a suspicious backpack. The officer glimpses the sensor readings — two radiological isotopes. While one is innocuous, the other signals a potential dirty bomb. With time ticking away, the officer urgently calls for backup, knowing countless lives hang in the balance.

Identify Threats Quickly

With SIGMA’s sensor-agnostic data collection capabilities, operators can collect information from any sensor and transform it into actionable information.

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Understand Threats Quickly

SIGMA’s advanced analytics capabilities and enriched data provide situational awareness, giving operators command and control of the context to prioritize alerts.

Close Communication Gaps Quickly

SIGMA’s web-accessible command and control enables real-time monitoring and collaboration between the watch floor and the field.

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Gain the upper hand of public safety

Learn how SIGMA’s cloud-based SaaS solution revolutionizes region-scale networks of CBRN sensors with real-time monitoring, data analysis, and collaboration for personal, mobile, and static sensor deployments.

Prevent Disasters Before They Happen

Rapid Isotope Identification & Context

Accurate and rapid isotope identification to gain situational awareness and inform responses.

Sensor-Agnostic Data Collection Automation

Cover any deployment area with sensors from multiple vendors and gain advanced automation.

Web Accessible Command & Control

Enable real-time monitoring and collaboration between watch floor and the field.

Scale Across Regions

Region-scale access from tens to thousands of sensors with unobtrusive static sensor installation and small, cell phone-sized handheld sensors.

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