Two Six Technologies


At Two Six, we are passionate about leveraging the power of technology to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and transform our clients’ missions. Our deep expertise and cutting-edge solutions empower our clients to move purposefully and precisely.


We deliver R&D expertise and rapid prototyping, leading to fielding systems and operational solutions and supporting the successful development of innovative products for Government, Intelligence, public safety, and national security customers.


Our dedicated team of engineers ensures that innovative technology reaches warfighters and end users while our UI/UX experts facilitate adoption by making it user-friendly for all. We offer productized solutions for both government and commercial customers.

Mobile Systems

Our Mobile Systems team specializes in offensive cyber capabilities for mobile devices, leveraging their technical expertise in vulnerability research and reverse engineering to develop tools that exploit novel vulnerabilities. They work closely with clients, offering testing, training, and impactful results to gain an advantage in the field.

High Assurance Solutions

Our High Assurance Solutions team offers extensive technical expertise in securing complex and next-generation systems, utilizing formal methods and expert reviews to instill the highest confidence level in critical systems. Our rigorous approach ensures an unimpeachable assurance story for clients and their customers, particularly for applications where safety or security bugs are deemed unacceptable.

Global Media Manipulation

Our Media Manipulation Monitor (M3) utilizes advanced machine learning and expert analysis to detect and interpret signals of information manipulation by foreign governments, providing timely, actionable insights on various critical topics such as military developments, foreign policy shifts, disinformation, and emerging technologies.


We deliver advanced and cutting-edge, surveillance technology, communication systems, and cyber defense, ensuring unmatched security and readiness on the modern battlefield.

Information Operations

We’ve built powerful platforms to empower decision-makers with actionable data. We use machine learning and an interactive interface to streamline mission planning, risk management, and real-time effectiveness measurement on the all-domain battlefield.

ZeroTrust Architecture

We’ve developed solutions that streamline Zero Trust data protection implementation across your organization, ensuring compliance with executive mandates. We also offer a comprehensive solution for securing your data at rest, in transit, and during use, providing easy accessibility and peace of mind for safeguarding valuable information.


We’re dedicated in ensuring mission advantage for the Navy across all domains by delivering next-gen capabilities and technologies that connect and control the Joint Force, enabling successful multi-domain operations.

CBRN Detection

We’ve developed a cloud-based SaaS solution revolutionizes region-scale CBRN sensor networks by enabling real-time monitoring, data analysis, and collaboration across personal, mobile, and static sensor deployments.

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