All Domain Command & Control

IKE was built to give decision-makers actionable data and insights to plan missions, manage risk, streamline execution, pivot in real time, and measure effectiveness.

Command the All-Domain Battlefield

IKE is an orchestration, automation, and analysis platform that utilizes machine learning and an interactive user interface to accelerate and scale situational understanding of complex, all-domain situations.

Mission Speed

IKE incorporates kinetic and cyber information across domains, facilitating  situational understanding at modern warfare velocity.

Contextualized Data

Ingest and contextualize data to generate actionable insights and drive mission effectiveness.

Collaborative Data Control

Secure data in a way that facilitates communication and coordination across security and organizational boundaries.


Visualize and accelerate dynamic understanding for decision-making in complex operational settings.

IKE in Action

When there’s no room for error: In a high-stakes environment, a Senior Officer becomes aware of escalating tensions in their AOR. Questions swirl in their mind about the situation and the best course of action has to be made. They need to obtain crucial insights into cyber defense, asset status, and adversary postures while keeping other units on the same page. Time is of the essence, but with IKE’s leading-edge analytics and communication technology at the ready, the Senior Officer quickly gets an in-depth situational understanding enabling them to make decisions in real-time across all domains.

Move At The Velocity Of Cyber

IKE accelerates the Senior Officer’s situational understanding by providing full-spectrum, AI/ML-enabled C2 capabilities giving rapid insights and action based on mission-relevant data.

IKE Move at the Velocity of Cyber Graphic
IKE Quickly Get the Data Needed Graphic

Understand Vast Amounts Of Data, Fast

Using IKE’s ingest and analysis capabilities, the team can quickly access and analyze the data to determine the fragility and failures due to anomalous network activity.

Keep Highly Sensitive Data Secure

IKE’s object-level security facilitates seamless, secure info-sharing by ensuring each team member can only access the authorized data.

IKE Keep Highly Sensitive Data Secure Graphic
IKE Access Live Data Graphic

Access Live Data In Real-time

Using IKE’s user interface and analytic context overlays, the Senior Officer presents three COA options to decision-makers, speaks to the risk profile of each, and drills down into the data to address questions.

Efficiently mobilize your missions

Automated Processing

Powered by machine learning, operators can reduce hours of manual effort.

Offline Collaboration

Ensure efficiency, even in the toughest environments.

Advanced Battlespace Visualizations

Give cyber commanders precise, real-time insight they need into networks.

Robust reporting tools

Empower teams to track their impact every step of the way.

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