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Gain cutting-edge offensive and defensive cyber on mobile devices and systems

The US, its allies, and commercial technology providers need innovative solutions to counter the most challenging security threats and rapidly changing mobile device landscape. These solutions must take into account the complexities of iOS and Android platforms and the changing deployment methods for mobile infrastructure including 5G O-RAN and platforms.

Two Six Electronics (TSE) Mobile Systems team has expertise spanning various functions including 5G system security, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, exploit development, and specialized tool development. Our mission is to enable effective security operations on mobile devices and infrastructure.

Empowering Access Solutions with Expertise

Two Six empowers our customers to discover access solutions and ensures that they are consistently maintained, updated, and can adapt to evolving environments. Our expertise in vulnerability research and reverse engineering allows us to build tools that give our clients a strategic advantage.

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Comprehensive Offensive and Defensive Cyber Capabilities for Mobile Devices

Compared to other solutions, TSE Mobile Systems stands out for its comprehensive approach to offensive and defensive cyber capabilities on mobile devices. Our team’s deep technical expertise and continuous tool development based on research findings enables us to provide highly effective and tailored solutions to our customers. Additionally, close collaboration with clients and detailed training programs ensure successful integration and utilization of results in real-world operations.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Cyber Solutions

The TSE Mobile Systems team offers state-of-the-art solutions for offensive and defensive cyber operations on iOS and Android devices and wireless infrastructure. Our extensive capabilities in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, exploit development, and operational support make us a trusted partner in countering the most challenging adversaries in the mobile landscape.

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