Enabling Data Collection and Two-Way Engagement

Technology platform enabling data collection and two-way engagement to address urgent human security issues faced by the world’s vulnerable populations

Pulse leverages cloud analytics and advanced data processing tools to help answer difficult questions in austere environments, enabling teams to understand hard-to-reach communities by providing deep insight and engaging them in two-way conversations.
Pulse also empowers teams to scrape open data across the surface, deep, and dark web to provide a robust view of the Information Environment in which they are operating.

Pulse Capabilities

Full spectrum support to information operations, including persistent passive data collection, multi-platform audience engagement, and custom data views and dashboards.


Ingest publicly available information (PAI) from Social Media, Social Chat and the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web


Identify and monitor narratives and influencers through an AI-enabled data pipeline and custom analytics


Build custom audiences and understand patterns of life through global, SDK-based, privacy-compliant smart device location data


Deliver relevant content to global audiences through mobile apps and web browsers


Communicate directly with selected audiences through their own devices and on the platforms where they most often communicate


Rebroadcast relevant, trending content at scale across social media and social chat

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