Information Advantage Platform

Two Six’s Pulse platform creates information advantage for our clients by supporting them throughout the operational planning and execution cycle with focused adversary insight.

Know the Adversary

Pulse is a first-party data collector and two-way engagement platform that creates information advantage for organizations. Leaders can make more informed decisions for their urgent missions through data-backed statistics and evidence-based opponent intel.

First-Party Data Collection

Collect, curate, and annotate data to understand target audiences.

AI-powered, Human Vetted Analytics

Combine our data with experts to power AI that anticipates opportunities for action.

Engage Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Deploy relevant content to the right audiences to shape the narrative.

Measure Campaign Success

Measure the effectiveness of information operations.

Leverage Pulse to Gather Key Insights

Pulse in Action

When global conflict looms: A superpower readies to invade a vulnerable nation-state. Tensions escalate, and the stakes are palpable. In this critical moment, the Pulse team springs into action, quickly surveying audiences in the threatened country to establish a baseline for population sentiment towards the government. With an impending war on the horizon, Two Six Technologies is the ear to the ground that officials need to make strategic decisions. The insights prove indispensable to navigate the chaos. Armed with crucial data and a deep understanding of the information environment at-play, Two Six delivers targeted, relevant content to the at-risk country’s population, catalyzing real-world actions that shape the future.

Understand Your Audience

Pulse collects information from social media, traditional media, social chat, custom surveys, the Dark Web, Adtech, and other data sets to understand the narratives that audiences engage with.

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Gain Information Advantage

Pulse uses our enriched and curated data to map the information environment and anticipate what that data means for real-world situations.

Engage With Your Audience

Pulse delivers relevant content to global audiences on their personal devices on platforms they consume information.

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Know Your Adversary

Pulse provides the analytics you need to understand the effectiveness of your missions and those of your opponent.

Purpose-built to create information advantage


Gain First-party data collection designed to power analysis and action with mission objectives in mind.


Monitor narratives and influencers through best-in-class machine learning models optimized by experts in the loop.


Access Data-backed measures of effectiveness for your missions and those of your opponent.


Deliver relevant content to and communicate with global audiences through mobile apps and web browsers.

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