Zero Trust Architecture

Secure multi-domain environments, extreme separation of duties, and strong encryption.

Government agencies and defense organizations face the critical challenge of securing sensitive data and enabling secure collaboration across multiple domains while adhering to national security mandates. Traditional security approaches are no longer sufficient, and the increasing complexity of cyber threats demands a robust solution that can provide true Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA) to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

TrustedKeep, Two Six’s zero trust engine offers a robust and comprehensive solution for addressing the challenges of government agencies and defense organizations. At its core, TrustedKeep enables true Zero-Trust Architecture, providing the following capabilities:

Proxy Service for Authorized Connections

TrustedKeep’s proxy service verifies and authorizes all connections to protected services, ensuring that secrets and sensitive information are securely managed and delivered to the intended systems and users.

Identity Management and Policy Enforcement

TrustedKeep can provide identity management and policy enforcement in out-of-band environments where access to enterprise services may not be readily available. This ensures that security measures are maintained even in challenging or disconnected scenarios.

Key Benefits

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Extreme Separation of Duties

TrustedKeep follows a ground-up zero trust mindset, enforcing strict separation of duties across the architecture. This means that no user or entity is implicitly trusted, providing additional security against insider threats.

Comprehensive Encryption

TrustedKeep employs the strongest commercial algorithms for encrypting data at rest, in transit, and in use. This level of encryption ensures that data remains protected throughout its lifecycle, even if exposed to potential threats.

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Easy Integration and Powerful PKI Infrastructure

TrustedKeep allows easy integration with existing infrastructure and provides robust built-in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services. This simplifies the implementation process and enhances the security of the overall solution.

Cloud Service Security

TrustedKeep offers substantially enhanced security for cloud services like AWS S3, SQS, SNS, and the Azure Blob Store, making it a suitable choice for government agencies migrating to cloud environments.

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Multi-cloud (and on premise) policy enforcement.

The TrustedKeep policy engine operates in our secure TrustedKMS back-end, capable of running anywhere. Similarly, the TrustedGateway and TrustedBoundary enforcement points can run anywhere while keeping all state in TrustedKMS. This ensures that compromise of an enforcement point is local and never spreads.

Highly modular services.

TrustedKeep provides essential services for Zero Trust, including PKI, MFA, Identity Management, Policy Administration, Policy Enforcement, and Encryption. Organizations can pick and seamlessly integrate services with their existing setup. TrustedKeep enhances security in each area while bridging gaps in your architecture.

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Extremely flexible deployment models.

TrustedKeep is versatile, deployable on-premises, in any cloud, laptop, or even Android device. Its features excel in scenarios with air gaps, key distribution challenges, and when alternatives demand specialized hardware.

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TrustedKeep addresses the customer’s challenge of establishing a true Zero-Trust Architecture to safeguard sensitive data and support national security and defense missions. Its high-performance encryption, granular access control, and robust policy enforcement make it a superior and comprehensive solution for government and defense organizations seeking to protect their most critical data.

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