Attain Seamless R&D to Operational Solutions with Two Six’s Comprehensive Expertise

Customers face the challenge of rapidly evolving operational landscapes that demand innovative and effective solutions to stay ahead of the competition and address complex mission requirements. With the increasing complexity of modern threats and the need for advanced technologies, they must navigate the intricacies of research and development (R&D) while ensuring seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions into their operations.

Two Six offers a comprehensive solution to address customer challenges based on our strategic objectives and extensive expertise in R&D and operational support. Two Six’s solution seamlessly transitions from R&D projects to prototypes, fielded systems, and operational solutions.

R&D teams embedded within the operational business units, focusing on customers and missions.

World-class talent including researchers, scientists, and specialized experts.

Empowering Mission Effectiveness

Our solutions deliver innovative technology directly to warfighters and end-users, ensuring they can access cutting-edge capabilities to enhance their mission effectiveness. The presence of a team of field engineers further supports operational customers, providing hands-on assistance as needed. Additionally, a dedicated team of UI/UX experts ensures smooth adoption and usability of the solutions by end-users, streamlining their experience and increasing efficiency.

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Technology Transition Expertise

Our proven ability to transition technology from the R&D phase to practical, usable solutions sets Two Six apart from alternatives. Leveraging our extensive R&D innovations, cyber expertise, and operational experience, Two Six focuses on customer missions, tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements and challenges. This unique combination of capabilities positions Two Six as a superior partner for government and commercial customers seeking reliable and effective solutions to complex operational challenges.

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