CBRN Detection

Rapidly detect CBRN threats with sensor-agnostic data and analytics.

The threat of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) attacks poses a significant risk to population centers, critical infrastructure and high target events. The operational landscape demands a solution to revolutionize region-scale CBRN sensor networks by enabling real-time monitoring, data aggregation and analysis across personal, mobile, and static sensor deployments improving collaboration, decision making and operational response.

Two Six has developed a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution called SIGMA, which addresses CBRN sensor networks’ challenges. SIGMA is a sensor network integration architecture that quickly detects, identifies, and responds to potential CBRN threats. It offers sensor-agnostic data collection capabilities, advanced analytics, and web-accessible command and control for efficient and effective operations.

Sensor-Agnostic Data Collection

SIGMA allows the integration of sensors from multiple vendors, providing advanced automated data collection.

Web Accessible Command & Control

SIGMA enables real-time monitoring and collaboration between the watch floor and the field through a web-based interface.


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Faster Decisions & Response Times

Advanced analytics with predictive algorithms improve situational awareness, enabling better and quicker decision-making.

More Effective Operations

SIGMA increases the operational effectiveness of sensor programs by quickly identifying and enabling users to understand threats with improved context to reduce false positives and prioritize response efforts.

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Scale Across Regions

SIGMA offers region-scale access to tens to thousands of sensors with unobtrusive static sensor installations and small, cell phone-sized handheld sensors.

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SIGMA revolutionizes how CBRN sensor networks operate, ensuring real-time monitoring, rapid threat identification, and effective collaboration to protect at-risk populations. With its advanced capabilities and sensor-agnostic approach, SIGMA outperforms traditional alternatives and becomes a superior choice for addressing urgent human security issues worldwide.

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