Empowering next-gen multi-domain ops for mission success.

The key to mission advantage lies in the ability of Joint Forces to coordinate and act together across all domains. Compared to adversaries, faster and more effective decision-making and action-taking will be the next-generation technological edge for military forces. Whether it’s the United States military branches or allied forces, the success of future missions will heavily depend on highly-effective Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2, increasingly known as “C”JADC2 to signify a “combined” effort”).

Two Six Technologies provides a cutting-edge solution to connect and control the Joint Force, enabling true multi-domain operations and mission success. By delivering sensors, systems, and technologies essential for effective command and control, Two Six empowers the military with next-gen capabilities for multi-domain operations. Two Six Technologies delivers next-gen capabilities to the Fleet, enabling true multi-domain operations and mission success for the Joint Force.

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Uniting Forces for Mission Success

JADC2, powered by Two Six Technologies’ solutions, connects distributed sensors, systems, and data from all domains to all forces. This interconnectedness provides a decisive advantage to analysts, planners, operators, and decision makers by connecting platforms and weapons through a common architecture, regardless of service or domain. Modernized military systems and secure networks facilitate fast and efficient data sharing, leading to quicker and better decisions that ensure mission success.

Empowering Global Forces with Data-Driven Connectivity

Two Six Technologies actively develops and executes its Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy of creating a globally connected, information-driven warfighting environment for U.S. and allied forces. Our company’s focus on unlocking the power of data with automation, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics, combined with seamless connectivity at the edge through fast and secure data transport, cloud, and networking, sets us apart.

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Two Six Technologies’ innovative solutions and capabilities provide the crucial connectivity and command and control infrastructure that the Joint Force requires for successful multi-domain operations. By using advanced technologies and open-architecture advancements, Two Six Technologies is leading the way in empowering military forces with the tools needed to achieve mission advantage in the modern battlefield landscape.

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