DARPA transitions Two Six Technologies' SHARE program to Defense Department's TAK Product Center

U.S. Marine Corps Member

DARPA announced this past week the successful transition of the SHARE (Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge) program to the Defense Department’s TAK ecosystem.

“SHARE brings next-generation networking technology to the TAK ecosystem,” said Ryan McLean, director of the TAK Product Center. “The SHARE team chose to transform how tactical edge networks are deployed through innovative research using named data networking and digital rights management on the widely-adopted ATAK [Android Tactical Assault Kit] software platform. Because of this, SHARE is now primed for rapid technology transition to the TAK user community. This transition is already underway and, with the release of TAK 5.0 in November 2023, U.S. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen, as well as our allied mission partners, will experience the immediate benefits that SHARE provides for resilient tactical networking in contested environments.”

The SHARE performer for the third and final phase of the program was Two Six Technologies, teamed with Eucleo Software Corporation and MAPPS, Inc.

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(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Brienna Tuck)