Custom-built, secure Android operating system for mobile devices, without sacrificing usability

As cyber adversaries get smarter, organizations need better protection. Digital privacy is more important than ever. And as mobile data consumption and computing increases, security-minded organizations are looking for a security-first mobile platform. This is why we created ATLAS.

Atlas is a custom Android OS that features security options and reporting features to help customers preserve their privacy and understand the powerful mobile devices they use every day.
From geo-location reporting to sensor data monitoring and augmentation, Atlas allows users to protect their privacy and determine what information is shared with third parties without sacrificing usability.

ATLAS Capabilities

ATLAS OS was purpose-built to ensure digital privacy on mobile devices.


Atlas supports configurable geo-location reporting to combat or eliminate location data from being exposed


Sensor data monitoring and augmentation allows for the control of data leakage to carriers and app developers


ATLAS is fully supported and does not sacrifice usability for security

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